Our "LOBSTA" Official Website has Now Launched!

Wednesday, December 1, 2021 · 2 minutes to read

A brief introduction of our new product "LOBSTA", and the media outlet where we announce our latest news.


Celebrate us for launching a new website!

lotta the lobster

In this post, I’ll introduce our newly born baby LOBSTA, and how you can keep updated with us.

What’s LOBSTA?

Some might like to eat Lobster boiled, and some might like to grill. But let’s put these scary ideas aside (at least for us), our product LOBSTA actually has a meaning.

The name LOBSTA is based on the English acronym “Location Based Task Management,” and as you can tell, the biggest feature of this Task management tool is the capability of linking the tasks to Geolocation Information.

location based task management

The LOBSTA development team has extensive experience working on government projects in Japan and Europe, as well as projects to create the next-generation Internet. The technology used in LOBSTA has already been used in a number of projects, including the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s Civic hack project, “My City Report ” that enables citizens to report issues on the street to their local government.

If you are interested in using LOBSTA, please contact us via the Demo request form .

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