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Unlike many other Internet services, LOBSTA does not charge by users or projects.
We believe that such a constraint would be counterproductive to the effective use of the application, considering that you will benefit from LOBSTA the more internal and external people in your organization use the service.


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For smaller teams or businesses with less activity and demand.


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For teams and businesses with a larger number of users.


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For enterprises and government that need some extra care.

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LOBSTA is currently in closed beta and available to selected businesses, that want to experience the next generation of Location-based Task Management. Sign up to become one of the first LOBSTA users!

General features
Team Business Organisation
LOBSTA manager
Storage 50 GB 250 GB
Active users
Active projects
Plugins and integrations
Team Business Organisation
SMASH plugin
Canned responses
Privacy plugin
Advanced printing
Print templates incl. 1 incl. 3 on request
Decision tree plugin
Custom plugins
Help and support
Team Business Organisation
Help center
Email support
Priority email support
Customer success manager

Customization and optional packages

Individual requirements demand flexible solutions.

Training package

LOBSTA brings organization-wide changes which need to be managed effectively. Our training package helps you to have a smooth start.

Support package

There are various occasions where our customers need support to solve individual challenges, for example to integrate LOBSTA with external platforms.

GIS Works package

For businesses from the geospatial industry LOBSTA works great in combination with other GIS applications, in particular with QGIS, Geoserver and others that support Open Standards.

Government package

The technology powering LOBSTA is also the foundation of My City Report to enable collaboration between citizens and their local government.

Additional Storage

Additional cloud storage for data uploaded to LOBSTA can be added at additional costs for accounts exceeding the included storage quota.

Individual Print Layouts

LOBSTA's advanced printing plugin supports high-quality reports with complex print output, and we can help you creating custom print layouts.

Individual Map Layers

LOBSTA allows to add and configure OGC compliant (tiled) map sources of your choice. We can also help you to publish your own map data to make it available within LOBSTA.

Geocoding API service

Several Geocoding services can be configured and accessed within LOBSTA. Talk to us, if you are interested in this functionality.

Datacenter location

We are aware of data protection regulations that may require the datacenter to be in a specific location. Get in touch, if this is a concern for your organisation.

Self-hosted instance

LOBSTA is provided as a fully managed cloud service. Contact us if you would like to run LOBSTA as a self-hosted instance.

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