The LOBSTA Platform

LOBSTA is a location-based task and project management solution for on-site customer services and mobile businesses. LOBSTA provides direct value for any business with location-based tasks and remote workflows, such as courier and delivery businesses, on-site field services, infrastructure works, home care services, sales and customer services or just any business that requires to be on site.

Task manager

Task manager

Configurable to serve various use cases and requirements.

LOBSTA’s core component is based on the Redmine task manager, which is trusted by many small to large businesses globally and provides a complete and reliable solution for issue tracking and project management.

Role-based permissions
Time tracking
Workflow management
Activity logging
Location intelligence

Location intelligence

The tool to deal with spatial and time components.

LOBSTA is the first task manager for location-based task and workflows. It adds location information to users, projects and tasks and provides the missing tools for businesses with on-site workflows.

Issue tracking with point, line and polygon geomtries
Home location or current position of users
Project boundaries
Spatial query filters
Distributed workflows

Distributed workflows

Coordinate central, work local.

LOBSTA enables remote teams to better plan, organise and execute their on-site tasks. Users of the platform can seamlessly switch from desktop to mobile, from office environment to workplaces in the field.

Works on mobile devices
Georeferenced (photo) notes
Issues from field notes
Remote access to projects
Communication and reporting

Communication and reporting

Share and document work among all team members.

LOBSTA ensures that everyone’s work on tasks gets continously updated, shared and preserved. The platform allows to assign tasks to different team members during the lifetime of an issue and keep everyone involved informed about its progress.

Custom issue flows
Milestones / roadmap
Configurable notifications
Parent & related tasks
Advanced printing

Advanced printing

Better printed reports generated directly from the platform.

LOBSTA supports advanced printing to generate reports with complex layouts and download them in PDF format. Print layouts are created with JasperReports templates and allow to design high-quality and customizable print output containing for example:

Cartographic maps
Image attachments
Page configuration
Complex table layouts
Plugin architecture

Plugin architecture

Special requirements demand special solutions.

LOBSTA already comes with a set of plugins for every subscription plan to enable location-based task management and subscriptions can be further extended with optional plugins, for example:

Canned responses
Privacy plugin
SMASH field notes
Your custom plugin

Contact us if you have special requirements.

Software as a Service

Software as a Service

Professional support to get your work done.

LOBSTA is provided as a subscription service with unlimited users and unlimited projects to ensure that you get your work done without compromise. And in case you need help we are there to give professional support.

Secure cloud hosting
Automated backups
Separately managed instances
Professional support


Guarantees data exchange between different systems.

LOBSTA is based on Free and Open Source software and particuarly strong in interoperability and support of Open Standards. This allows integration with existing workflows and systems, for example:

Custom basemaps & layers
GeoJSON for spatial objects
Import & export of tasks

LOBSTA is the Next Generation Task Manager for location-based workflows.

Signup for LOBSTA Beta

Signup for LOBSTA Beta

LOBSTA is currently in closed beta and available to selected businesses, that want to experience the next generation of Location-based Task Management. Sign up to become one of the first LOBSTA users!