LOBSTA is a location-based task and asset management solution for on-site customer services and mobile businesses. LOBSTA provides direct value for any business with location-based tasks, such as courier and delivery businesses, on-site field services, infrastructure works, home care services, sales and customer services or just any business that requires to be on site.

Case Study
Facility Management

Almost every facility related task has a spatial and a time component. With LOBSTA on-site work can be planned and organized better and more efficiently, for the benefit of everyone involved.

Case Study
Forest Management

LOBSTA has made it possible to digitize and visualize the tasks of forest harvesting, which were previously managed by writing instructions directly on paper-based maps.

Case Study
LOBSTA for Government

My City Report, an app for citizens to report their observations of the city to the local government, enables citizens and the local government to work together to develop local activities.

Signup for LOBSTA Beta

Signup for LOBSTA Beta

LOBSTA is currently in closed beta and available to selected businesses, that want to experience the next generation of Location-based Task Management. Sign up to become one of the first LOBSTA users!